Campus Security

The UC Davis Police Department provides the highest level of security on the Davis and Sacramento Campuses

The UC Davis Police Department takes a multifaceted approach to security on the Davis and Sacramento campuses.  This includes the use of latest technologies, sworn and non-sworn police personnel and partnerships with our campus communities.

Police Officers on Patrol

UC Davis Police officers patrol the Davis and Sacramento campuses along with UC Davis properties in the Davis and Sacramento areas. Officers patrol University grounds on foot, in vehicles, on bicycles and motorcycles. Motorcycle officers are assigned to the UC Davis Medical Center to educate and enforce traffic in and about the campus. The focus for this particular unit is to create a safe hospital zone for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Police officers also patrol on bicycles which allow officers to patrol areas that are not accessible by vehicles such as the Arboretum on the Davis campus. UC Davis police officers participate in the DUI Avoid campaigns in Sacramento and Davis which is funded through a county wide grant. Lastly, police officers saturate patrol areas based on the time of day and location of campus. Police officer staff the UC Davis Medical Center emergency Department 24/7. 

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Aggie Host Security Officers

The UC Davis Police Department staffs the Aggie Host Security unit with 120 UC Davis students who receive specialized security training. The security officers have the primary reasonability for ensuring all critical facilities on the Davis campus are secure every night. These specialized patrols are documented and deficiencies are shared with UC Davis Facilities and building coordinators to ensure a comprehensive approach is applied to keeping structures secure. Aggie Host security officers provide student patrol on campus at night and staff various hours in Hart Hall and the Student Community Center. Aggie host security officers provide safety escorts on campus for after hours throughout the entire calendar year. In 2013 Aggie Host security officers provided over 6,000 escorts on campus. Lastly, Aggie Host security officers have the primary responsibility for event security.

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Protective Service Officers (PSO)

PSO's provide the primary security services on the Sacramento campus by staffing various posts in the main hospital. The PSO's also provide after hours safety escorts for staff, patients and visitors. The PSO' on the Davis campus provide 24/7 security services at the Primate Center.

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Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

The primary mission of the VIPS program is to provide community patrols on campus. VIPS are currently comprised on UC Davis Students who volunteer their time to help keep the Davis campus safe. Starting Fall 2014, VIPS will patrol campus is an ADA compliant special needs transportation vehicle who will support safety escorts when available for members of the community who use a wheelchair of similar device for mobility.


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Campus Security Project

The Campus Security Standards Committee is developing a plan for implementing centralized controls and standards for electronic security systems, such as door access control, video devices and intrusion/security alarm systems.

The security unit has oversight for alarms on the Davis and Sacramento campuses. All alarms are monitored by the UC Davis Police Department Dispatch Center. This centralized alarm monitoring on campus provides for an immediate response versus having the alarm systems report to an outside vendor. Our dispatch center receives the alarm signal directly then dispatches police officers to the facility. The new police department security director provides security assessments for facilities and personnel. This unit is currently focusing on various security related technologies with the intent of standardizing various security systems being used on the Davis campus. As an example, the UC Davis Police Department recently acquired three high tech portable video surveillance systems through the support of UC Davis Safety Services. These systems will be deployed on the Sacramento campus in various parking lots to increase the level of security.

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