CARE Package


It is the role of the UC Davis Police Department to provide Law Enforcement Services to all members of the community including those who visit the Sacramento or Davis campus and are either homeless or do not have the means to CARE for themselves. It is also our role to assist longer term community members such as students, faculty and staff who are also in need of some type of CARE. UC Davis Police Officers will now maintain CARE packages in the field and provide assistance to homeless community members in need.  

Each CARE package will contain the essentials for personal CARE such as personal care items, emergency food and water and those basic needs such as blankets and useful lists of resources in the community. This program depends on contributions from the community.  

Soon CARE packages will also be available at the front counter of the police department. The UC Davis Police Department is committed to acting as a CARE station while promoting other campus partners to support this program through implementing their own UC Davis Police Department CARE station. This program is fully funded through personal community contributions of goods with no expectation or consideration for the contribution. 

This program is managed by student assistants to the chief of police, in partnership with patrol officers and police volunteers. Providing short term resources such as a CARE packages and relocation to temporary shelter is the goal of every contact involving a homeless member of our community. Furthermore, expanding this program throughout the campus community ensures all members of the community are being served.

See a full program description HERE

See a full list of items needed HERE

Thanks to the support of our community and their generous donations, the CARE program is officially up and running. To keep the program in full swing and to best serve out community, we still accept and appreciate donations. No cash is accepted, only contributions of goods. For a list of items see the link above.  Donations can be delivered to the front counter during business hours at the UC Davis Police Department on the Davis or Sacramento campus.

To get further information on this program please email Haley Goldlist at:

By working together, we can make a difference, one community member at a time. Please help our department help our Davis and Sacramento community. It does not matter if you live, work or are just visiting our community. We are One World, One UC Davis.