For Parents and Guardians


This page is dedicated to those members of our community who are supporting their students and loved ones who live, learn, work, and play on our campus. 

We are a "Model Law Enforcement Agency," committed to providing you the highest level of service possible. Quite frankly, we are the best, which we prove daily in action and not just words. 

There are many areas to explore on our website, but the goal of this particular page is to provide you with tips that we have learned over the years providing service to our campus community, and most importantly, having personal experiences of our own with loved ones attending college for their first time.

On this page, you will find a bulleted list of tips that as a department we have compiled just for you. Our hope is this is your "one stop shop" for safety and security on campus, from the perspective of a long distance caregiver.

Helpful Tips For Your Student

Riding A Bicycle On Campus

  • First and foremost, bring the most inexpensive bike you can find
  • Purchase a sturdy lock similar to a U-Lock
  • Remind your student that he/she must obey all traffic laws both on campus and in the city
  • Recommend your student wears a helmet
  • Download a bike map with comprehensive cycling tips

Dorm/Apartment Security

  • Please stress the importance of locking all doors
  • Stress the importance of not defeating (taping the door lock open) a dorm/door lock so friends can visit at random
  • Remind our students to be mindful of their neighbors when playing loud music/TV/gaming consoles 
  • Stress the importance of knowing your neighbors
  • It is important to report all crime and suspicious activity at the time it happens. Sometimes a student might wait several hours before calling the police, which reduces our ability to effectively provide service
  • Check out UC Davis Housing's Guide to Residence Hall Life - Personal Safety & Security
  • Stay informed as to what is occurring around campus related to police calls. For example, you could use the website - type "UC Davis" into the "Enter Address Field" to receive up to date crime information

Personal Security

Your Student's Health

  • If your student is coming home for a break, please stress they rest or have a good night's sleep before driving
  • Keep in contact with your student regularly; a simple phone call or text will make a difference
  • UC Davis provides excellent health services for your student - visit the Student Health and Counseling Services website
  • Talk to your student about attending parties.  Learn more at the UC Davis Safe Party Initiative website
  • When attending a party off campus, your student can obtain a ride home by contacting the Tipsy Taxi Service.