AggieAccess: FAQ

Image of Gunrock with thumbs up and placeholder AggieAccess card.


This project provides upgraded security for many in our campus community. We appreciate your effort helping us roll out this new system and hope you find the answers to the majority of your questions in this FAQ. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please pose additional questions via our contact page.

  • Why are we upgrading our electronic key card access system?
  • Currently the campus uses multiple electronic key card control systems. By upgrading we will gain the simplicity of a single, electronic access system and the convenience of single-card entry to multiple buildings/areas. In addition, the retrofit provides additional security measures, eliminates duplicate costs associated with the maintenance of multiple types of systems and allows campus compliance with new information security requirements.
  • Will departments still be able to manage who has access to their buildings or areas?
  • Yes. Departments will be able to self-manage who has access to their own secure areas. In addition, electronic key card managers will also be able to provide access for temporary staff, vendors, visiting professors and more with temporary AggieAccess cards.
  • Does everyone need to get a new AggieAccess ID?
  • No, only people who currently have some type of electronic security key card will need to get a new AggieAccess ID card.
  • Can I get my card now?
  • No, not yet. One (or more) of your electronic key card managers will keep you informed as to when you will need obtain your new AggieAccess card during the phase one roll out of these new systems.
  • When is AggieAccess coming to my building?
  • Only locations with existing electronic card reader access will be upgraded to the new system as part of this project. In Fall 2020, work will start and will continue through 2021. The timing is going to vary. Prior to your building's retrofit you will see signage above the key card reader letting you know the date of the transition. Soon we hope to launch an online system for uploading your own passport-style photo.  Again, this process is still in development, but we will keep you informed on the status. 
  • When do I get my AggieAccess card?
  • We don’t want everyone to have to go to a Shared Services Center or similar to obtain their new card, so we are working on developing a distribution plan for everyone who currently has an electronic key card.  We will work closely with electronic key card managers across campus to share the timing of this process with electronic key card holders.

    Right now, we are developing a process for individual cardholders to have the option of uploading their photos online. Next, the cards will be produced then distributed by the electronic key card managers in plenty of time for electronic key card holders to obtain them before their building or area is upgraded.
  • Will I need to carry my old Aggie ID once I have my AggieAccess card?
  • No. Once you have your new AggieAccess card it will service as both your key and your UC Davis identification. Please note that there may be a short period of time where you will need to carry your AggieAccess card as well as other electronic security key cards if the buildings or areas where you have access are not upgraded simultaneously. Once all the upgrades are complete, you will not need to carry any old electronic key cards.
  • I’m a new employee. Where do I get my AggieAccess card?
  • The rollout of AggieAccess will not affect how new employees obtain their ID cards. Check with you supervisor to find out your unit's procedures. Students will continue to obtain their cards at the Office of the Registrar.
  • When does this upgrade begin and end?
  • Pilot projects on two buildings on campus are in progress. In Fall 2020, work will start on all locations with existing electronic card reader access and will continue through 2021.
  • How long will each upgrade take?
  • The downtime at each door location will be minimal. If needed, temporary locks and/or additional security will be provided. If you have additional safety concerns, please share them with the AggieAccess project managers via the Contact Us link.
  • Does this project include the addition of any new electronic access key systems?
  • No. This project only includes the upgrades of buildings and/or areas which currently have electronic access key systems.