Aggie Guardian: FAQ

  • Who can use Aggie Guardian? 
  • UC Davis students, faculty and staff who have an .edu login.  The system will not allow logins from anything other than a e-mail address.

    The Aggie Guardian service should only be utilized in areas within the Aggie Guardian jurisdiction.

  • How does it work?
  • Once you register your .edu email with the Rave Guardian app and create a user profile it will become Aggie Guardian, then you may request a virtual safety escort by simply dialing the number and inputting the amount of time you believe it will take for you to arrive at your destination.  Upon your safe arrival, simply call Aggie Guardian and deactivate the timer.  If you do not deactivate the timer before it expires, the UCD Police Department will be notified.

    The My Account tab contains instructions on how to register for and use Guardian. Detailed instructions can be accessed by clicking on the Learn More button provided within the Guardian tab.

  • Do I have to have a smart phone to make it work?
  • No. Cell phone users can also request a virtual safety escort by simply calling the assigned phone number.

    As with any cell phone usage, there are certain factors that can affect the GPS locator accuracy. Factors to include, but not limited to:

    -Whether or not you are calling from inside a building or a "dead spot"

    -The strength of your cell signal (proximity of cell towers – satellites)

    -The type and quality of your phone, carrier and signal

  • Do I have to leave a voicemail when requesting a virtual safety escort?
  • No but it is strongly recommended that you leave the accompanying voicemail message informing UCDPD about your current location, intended destination, intended course of travel, etc. This information will greatly facilitate any necessary response actions coordinated by UCDPD.

  • Can I dial the Aggie Guardian number from a land line?
  • No. It only works with cell phones.

  • Is it available as a downloadable app?
  • Yes. Go to your "App store" on your mobile device and download RAVE Guardian, or go to and create a user profile and you may then request a virtual safety escort by simply dialing the Aggie Guardian phone number.

  • Does Aggie Guardian require users to have a certain kind of phone?
  • No, it works on any phone and with any carrier.

  • Can I request a virtual safety escort if I am not going from one point on campus to another but still within the jurisdiction?
  • It is principally designed for traveling on the UCD campus and where UCDPD patrols.

  • Does it require GPS?
  • It is strongly recommended that the GPS function be turned on when using the app. Without it, the app may glitch and become ineffective.

  • Is Aggie Guardian always tracking me?
  • No, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help and Aggie Guardian is only enabled when you choose to activate an alarm on your phone.

  • Will Aggie Guardian let other people like my family or friends track me
  • No, never. Only UCDPD will ever have access to your information and only when you allow it.

  • How does my profile information get collected and sent to UCDPD?
  • You will opt-in to this service and provide as much information as you would like as part of the registration process. To maximize the full benefit of this service, your user profile should contain a current photo and accurate self-description. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for UCDPD to locate you, if necessary. You can change your profile picture at any time.

  • If I didn't enter my phone number during registration, can I go back and enter it at a later time?
  • Yes. To enter your mobile phone, visit the My Account tab, and click the “Add” link within the Mobile Contacts module.

  • How do I change my mobile number?
  • Visit the My Account tab, and click the “Edit” link next to the mobile number you would like to change. Enter the new mobile number you want to use in the fields provided, and click Continue. You will then be asked to confirm your mobile phone carrier. When changing Mobile Contact (1) [your primary mobile number], you will receive a text message containing a 4-digit confirmation code. You must enter this confirmation code within this website to complete the primary mobile phone registration process.

  • I did not receive the confirmation code text message. What do I do?
  • Once you enter your mobile phone number on the on the My Account tab, Aggie Guardian will attempt to send you a text message containing a 4-digit confirmation code. This code is used to verify your wireless number and carrier. Confirmation codes are only sent to your primary mobile number [Mobile Contact (1)].

    If you do not receive the confirmation code within a couple of minutes, visit the My Account tab and click the “Click here to resend now” link. If you still fail to receive the confirmation text message, click the “Edit” link associated with Mobile Contact (1), and confirm your mobile number and carrier are correct, making any changes necessary.

    If you do not receive a confirmation text message after following the steps above, your mobile carrier may be enforcing a premium text messaging block on your account. To remedy this, contact your carrier and ask to have text messages from shortcodes 67283 and 226787 delivered to your mobile device.

  • I have provided multiple phone numbers, which phones will work with Aggie Guardian?
  • Aggie Guardian is only accessible from Mobile Contact (1). This primary mobile phone must be fully confirmed by completing the text-message based phone confirmation process, populating your Guardian profile, and accepting the Guardian Terms of Use.

  • What other college campuses use Aggie Guardian?
  • American University, Howard University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane University all use their own versions of Rave Guardian. For more info visit