December 2020: Covid Scam

The University of California, Davis has started to provide Covid-19 vaccines to hospital staff and first responders. Soon, UCD will be providing vaccinations to the public. This UC Davis Police Department advisory is to make our community aware of a new telephone scam that seeks to obtain sensitive personal information by pretending to be health organization to reserve the “COVID vaccine.” 

This phone scam involved callers trying to dupe people into “reserving the COVID vaccine early” by seeking personal information to “confirm eligibility”.  The caller attempts to legitimize themselves by acting as healthcare professionals and using a “spoofed” Sacramento phone number.  The caller ID number is often altered to make it look like the real organization is calling.  The callers use titles and fake badge numbers and may use a person’s name, address and other personal information to make the call sound official. 


Remember, UC Davis will not call members of the community seeking personal information or money.


For information about the vaccine release please visit the California Department of Public Health



  • Don’t give personal information – people may be posing as government officials (IRS) or a trusted company (banks, Apple, etc.)
  • Scrutinize any solicitation, ask for a call back number to confirm their identity.
  • Be careful of clicking unexpected links received via e-mail and text.
    • Do online searches of the company or messages you received.
  • If it’s too good to be true then it is most likely a scam.



Lt. Joanne Zekany

UC Davis Police Department

Primary Category