Mental Health Awareness and Community Support

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness month we'd like to take this opportunity to offer our support to the campus Mental Health Care Task Force, Student Health & Counseling Services, ASAP, CAN Counselor who work closely with various campus units, and others offering critical support to students, faculty, and staff in crisis. We also are incredibly thankful for our partnership with the team at the Center for Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE). These are valuable resources and partners who work daily to assist our community in crisis. We understand that students particularly may experience feelings of isolation, stress, loneliness, and anxiety. With these partners, we want to assure you that we are here to assist you when you need help—even if that means just getting you to a place of safety, without judgement—this is our utmost priority

Part of the mission of a 21 st century police department is Critical Response Training (CIT) and is our highest priority. CIT is an innovative police-based, first-responder program focused on diversion and treatment, not arrest and incarceration. Above all else we want to respond in a way that will get the person affected by mental illness to a place of safety with dignity and without judgement. All of our officers are trained in crisis response, and often our contacts provide no need to create a report—in fact, we are working with Each Aggie Matters and other groups like NAMI and the JED Foundation to eliminate the stigma of mental illness and provide additional services and mental health support for our students, faculty, and staff.

During 2017, the UCDPD responded to nearly 1,000 crisis situations, and have 12 officers and 2 dispatchers receiving Office of the President Life Saving Awards—many dealing with critical mental illness situations on campus. Regardless of how we get called—a concerned partner, worried roommate, trusted coworker, distant relative—we are trained to respond in times of crisis, without judgement and with compassion. Our goal as a department is providing the highest level of service, while enhancing community-police relations. The UCDPD strives to be a part of the mental health solution at UC Davis and building a better safety network for our students and campus community.

The UC Davis Police Department is committed to innovation, seeking collaborative responses with our partners, and adopting policies to ensure we are doing everything we can to support the students and community we serve.

Chief Joe Farrow