Safety tips for parents and guardians

Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians

We are committed to providing you the highest level of service possible. We have compiled a list of tips accumulated over the years providing service to our campus community.

Helpful Tips For Your Student

Riding A Bicycle On Campus

  • Bring an inexpensive bicycle
  • Purchase a sturdy lock, such as a "u-lock"
  • Remind your student that he or she must obey all traffic laws both on campus and in the city
  • Recommend to your student that he or she wears a helmet
  • Download a bike map with comprehensive cycling tips

Dorm/Apartment Security

  • Please stress the importance of locking all doors
  • Stress the importance of not defeating (taping the door lock open) a dorm/door lock so friends can visit at random
  • Remind our students to be mindful of their neighbors when playing loud music/TV/gaming consoles
  • Stress the importance of knowing your neighbors
  • It is important to report all crime and suspicious activity at the time it happens. Sometimes a student might wait several hours before calling the police, which reduces our ability to effectively provide service
  • Check out UC Davis Housing's Guide to Residence Hall Life - Personal Safety & Security
  • Stay informed as to what is occurring around campus related to police calls. For example, you could use the website - type "UC Davis" into the "Enter Address Field" to receive up to date crime information

Personal Security

Your Student's Health

  • If your student is coming home for a break, please stress they rest or have a good night's sleep before driving
  • Keep in contact with your student regularly; a simple phone call or text will make a difference
  • UC Davis provides excellent health services for your student - visit the Student Health and Counseling Services website
  • Talk to your student about attending parties. Learn more at the UC Davis Safe Party Initiative website
  • When attending a party off campus, your student can obtain a ride home by contacting the Tipsy Taxi Service.