Global Liaison Unit (GLU)

Multi-Lingual Information Flyer

Below are our Multi-Lingual Information Flyers.

These flyers include:  Emergency/non-emergency contact information, and the mission of the UC Davis Police Department

The flyer is available in 12 different languages:

The UC Davis Police department Global Liaison Unit (GLU) was established as the department’s response to the community’s request for targeted information for and attention to our international students and those groups who feel underrepresented in our community. Additionally, the program is a practical response to the campus motto One World, One UC Davis and is one of the many contributions the police department is striving to make in an effort to support and confirm the community’s conviction that at UC Davis, we are changing our world for the better.

There are many ways the UC Davis Police Department can support our international and unrepresented communities and below are just a few of the changes and/or additions we have incorporated into our services, to better serve all of our campus community members:

  • Implemented community based recruitment panels
  • Implemented quarterly Police Chief / Student Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Established one of a kind department Cadet Program
  • Continue to a Police Community Academy
  • Offer a Volunteers in Police Service Program (VIPS)
  • Created /implemented the police accountability board (PAB)
  • Created the Preferred Names Policy
  • Crafted open letter of support for the campus AB540 Program
  • Creation of the Safe Ride Program
  • Creation of the Global Liaison Unit (GLU)

And in the future, the UCDPD GLU looks forward to:

  • Continue to meet, engage with and foster partnerships with campus international staff
  • Continued participation in cultural sensitivity trainings, workshops and informational events
  • Continual creation of informational flyers, brochures, pamphlets and other marketing and information items aimed at advising the international student to university law enforcement practices
  • Sister partnerships and cooperation between UC Davis and global law enforcement agencies are being identified and established; and staff look eagerly towards 2016 for the program to be fully functioning and serving the UC Davis community in excellence.  

UndocuAlly Placecard

The UC Davis Police Department Global Liaison Unit is proud to be a designated brave space and partner with the AB540 Center.

Below please find Chief Matthew Carmichael's Letter of Support for the AB-540 and UC Davis community.

"The UC Davis Police Department is here to serve and protect everyone."

Letter of Support

For additional information regarding the Global Liaison Unit (GLU), please contact:

Deborah Hammond, Executive Coordinator

Police Department,

625 Kleiber Hall Drive,

Davis, California 95616


530-752-0176 Fax

For more information on safe bicycle riding, see our Safe Cycling Brochure.

For the Know Your Rights booklet, now available in multiple languages, see our Know Your Rights page.