uc davis gunrock mascot holding a staff ID card


Electronic card entry is about to get easier and more secure!

UC Davis is standardizing the security card systems used throughout the university. Currently, the campus uses multiple key-card control systems requiring the use of several card types. With the full-scale implementation, your new UC Davis AggieAcess card will serve as your campus ID and key card for all the locations you currently have entry privileges.


Secure. Our police department will be able to remotely monitor each system, grant and revoke access quickly and manage compliance with privacy policies to ensure the security of all the data.

Convenient. If you currently use multiple key cards to gain access to various secure locations, after the transition, you will only need one.

Efficient. This new system provides even better tools for campus key-card managers who will still be able to manage access to their own secure areas. 


Pilot projects are in progress. In Fall 2020, work will start on all locations with existing electronic card reader access and will continue through 2021. The timing of your buildings upgrade to the new system is going to vary. Prior to your building's electronic security system retrofit you will see signage above the key card reader letting you know the upgrade is coming. If you have not yet obtained your new AggieAccess ID card when you see this sign, be sure to get it done by the date listed on the card.