Professional Standards

Lieutenant Mike Green

Davis Campus 530-752-7518

Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm on the Davis campus

Lieutenant Green is responsible for managing the Professional Standards Division which is responsible for the following:

  • Investigations
  • Policy
  • Internal Affairs
  • Community complaints liaison with UC Davis Compliance Office       
  • Training
  • Homeless Community Liaison

The role of the Professional Standards Division is critical to the mission of the UC Davis Police Department ensuring standards are maintained through transparency and accountability.  These units serve as the foundation of the UC Davis Police Department and are committed to collaborating with the community both on the Davis and Sacramento Campuses.

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Contact Numbers

Davis Campus

EMERGENCY: 911 OR 530-752-1230

Non-Emergency: 530-752-8943

Sacramento Campus

EMERGENCY: 911 OR 916-734-2555

Non-Emergency: 916-734-2555