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Community Forum Series

Several events have transpired over the last few months that have impacted our community here on campus and our nation as a whole. Leaders from several student groups along with our campus police department have collaborated in coming up with a series of forums to discuss recent events across our nation regarding police-community relations and further more create tangible actions that will collectively help us to push our University towards becoming a model of social justice and strong community.

Our first forum took place on January 7, 2014 and was titled "Police Conduct and Police Misconduct." And while we still have a lot of work to do and a lot to talk about, the first forum was a great success. We are looking forward to the continued efforts and communication from our officers and our community.

Next Forum: TBD


Based on the information learned and received at the first forum the following actions have been taken or are underway:

  • UC Davis Police Department is working with students, faculty and staff to develop a community policing training plan focused on cultural competency and understanding the community that we serve.
  • Provide information to the public related to training police officers receive.  Click here to review our trianing
  • A group of UC Davis students have been meeting with the police chief to request the UC Davis Police Department use personal wear body cameras.  This group of students presented their idea to the UC Davis Police Accountability Board (PAB).  The PAB was so inspired with the presentation they voted to support UC Davis Police Officers wearing body cameras.  A draft policy is currently in the works with more information to follow.
  • Student questions about the investigation of sexual assaults on campus was asked and not fully answered.  Attached in the UC Davis Police Department Department Policy on responding to sexual assaults specifically related to the criminal investigation.  Policy 602


Many questions and comments at the second forum focused on the primary topics of racism, discrimination and biases.  UC Davis Police Command Staff have used an online tool provided by Harvard University titled "Project Implicit".  Their website states, "Here you will have the opportunity to assess your conscious and unconscious preferences for over 90 different topics ranging from pets to political issues, ethnic groups to sports teams, and entertainers to styles of music. At the same time, you will be assisting psychological research on thoughts and feelings.".  All members of the UC Davis Police Department are encouraged to participate in this program.  If you would also like to try it out, CLICK HERE.