Traffic Stops

Police officer smiling and stepping out of vehicle

Traffic Stops

The UC Davis Police Department strives to provide law enforcement service with due regard for the demographic and cultural diversity of our community. It is therefore our policy and practice:

  • to enforce the law equally and fairly without profiling or discrimination toward any individual or group because of their race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • to be as transparent as possible in responding to complaints of profiling.

Our commitment to cultural competency

We pride ourselves on being proactive partners with the UC Davis community. We demonstrate our commitment to service not only through words but also through actions. The department has incorporated cultural competency training into ongoing training for all officers and staff. We are also fully committed to partnering with campus departments, programs and student organizations to better understand and engage with the community.

Reporting concerns

If any member of the UC Davis community feels that they have been profiled or treated in a manner not consistent with policy, please contact the Office of the Chief or the Campus Compliance/Discrimination Officer.

What should I expect when stopped by UC Davis Police?

Watch this video to find out!