PSS officer getting out of their security vehicle and looking onto campus

Protective Service Specialist

Protective Service Specialists

In January 2023, the Protective Service Specialist program was launched as the newest branch of the UC Davis Police Department’s tiered response to policing.

Protective Service Specialists are full-time, non-sworn, and unarmed individuals who serve as security professionals across the entirety of the UC Davis Campus as well as select other UC Davis owned or operated properties. Protective Service Specialists can be easily identified by their security uniforms, departmental equipment, and UC Davis Security marked vehicles.

The Protective Service Specialist (PSS) program operates 24/7 and aims to prevent crime, improve safety, and to provide excellent customer service throughout the UC Davis campus. These goals are met by conducting security patrols, providing access control, securing UC Davis buildings and properties, identifying security deficiencies, and reporting all issues and suspicious activity to the UC Davis Police Department.

Protective Service Specialists also assist with traffic control, crowd management, and general security for events and activities, as needed.

  • Vehicle and foot patrols allow Protective Service Specialists to interact with the UC Davis community all the while making campus a safer place and properly reporting security concerns.Campus departments who have temporary security concerns can request extra patrols of their area (See more below).
  • Special event security is provided for concerts, athletic competitions, performances, and other large-scale campus events, including Picnic Day, in collaboration with the other branches of the UC Davis Police Department’s Security Division.
  • Fixed post positions are able to be funded by any campus department looking to have a dedicated security specialist(s) for a specific location or area. These positions do require a contract agreement for the funding and service provided. The specific security program will be designed to meet the specific needs of the campus department funding the protective service specialist(s).

Request Security Services

Temporary Patrols

Additional patrols of specific buildings may be available on a temporary basis. To discuss the availability of temporary patrols by a Protective Service Specialist, please contact with your contact information and a general description of the building or area needing enhanced security measures.
A Security Supervisor will reach out to you as soon as possible.

If you have an emergency, please call 911. For a time-sensitive call for service or to file a report, please contact dispatch at 530-752-1727.

Fixed Post Positions

If your campus department is interested in funding a Protective Service Specialist(s) to be dedicated to your location, please send an email to including the following information:

  • Name, email, phone number
  • Department name
  • Location/building you are interested in having a protective service specialist at, and a brief description of what you are requesting them for.

Once received, a Security Supervisor or Manager will reach out to gather more information and set up a meeting with the requestor.