Outreach and Community Inclusion

By building collaborative and lasting relationships with our community, we are better able to create a safe and secure environment at UC Davis.

The UC Davis Police Department Outreach Unit is committed to providing excellence in campus safety and personal security, and offers the community an array of services, programs, presentations and special events. The intent of the UCDPD Outreach Unit is to alert and inform our community members to the most effective crime prevention and personal safety methods available; and additionally, the outreach program affords the police department invaluable opportunities to engage with the very diverse cultures that represent our UC Davis family.

The CORE (Community Outreach and Engagement) Officer Program is an integral part of the UC Davis Police Department's Outreach Unit. The CORE Officer Program incorporates a unique approach to service oriented policing by utilizing non-uniformed CORE Officers in the department's tiered response model. CORE Officers are able to provide the community with open conversation, expansive education, and greater support. 

Contact Information

(530) 754-2161

Meet the CORE Team

Cpl. Mikio McCulloch

Officer Joe Connors

Officer Tabbasum Malik and K9 Charlie

Officer Rob Sotelo and K9 Cali