Investigations Unit

Investigations Unit 

The primary role of the Investigations Unit is to conduct follow-up investigations of initial crime or incident reports generated by the Patrol Division. In addition, Detectives develop information and intelligence on criminal activity, look for missing persons, serve arrest and search warrants and act as liaison between the crime victim or witness and the criminal justice system. The Investigations Division is staffed by 3 Detectives and 1 Detective Sergeant.

The investigators specialize in the following areas:

  • Property Crimes
  • Crimes against Persons
  • High Tech Crimes

Occasionally, Detectives are called upon to assist outside agencies with investigations of crimes or incidents that occurred outside of UC Davis, but may have local community members involved as victims, witnesses or suspects. Detectives are also asked to make presentations to the community on topics such as domestic violence, crime prevention and drug/narcotics identification.

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