Megan's Law

Megan's Law

Sex Offender Registration Requirements & Information
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The State of California requires sex offenders to register with the police in the jurisdiction in which they reside. The State makes this information available to law enforcement agencies. The public can view the information at some local police departments as well as at the UC Davis Police Department. State law also requires sex offenders to register with UC Police Department if they work at the University (including contractors), attend classes, volunteer or live in University housing. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not prohibit release of data on registered sex offenders under this law. The UC Davis Police Department participates in the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Megan’s Law Data Program. In accordance with existing federal and state laws and university policies, Megan’s Law allows the public to view information about sexual offenders that may be residing in their community, which helps people to be aware of potential risks.

While the general public can view information contained in the Megan’s Law Data Program, members of the campus community may view information gathered about campus affiliated registered sex offenders at the UC Davis Police Department. Campus community members are defined as those persons present at, and those persons regularly frequenting any place associated with an institution of higher education. Locations include campuses; administrative and educational offices; laboratories; satellite facilities owned or utilized by the institution for educational instruction, business, or institutional events; and public areas contiguous to any campus or facility that are regularly frequented by students, employees, or volunteers of the campus.

Access to the Megan’s Law data is available on the internet (link). Viewing of the registered campus sex offenders by the public and campus community members is by appointment only. Viewing time is limited to 30 minutes, except with the approval of the Police Department. Walk-up requests will be accommodated at the discretion of the Police Department. Any citizen meeting the defined criteria may view the data; however, priority will be given to faculty, staff employees, and students of UC Davis. Individuals wanting to view the Megan’s Law data program must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid California driver’s license or identification card
  • Not be a registered sex offender
  • Have an articulable purpose for viewing the Megan’s Law data. (mere “curiosity” is not a valid reason to view the information).

Campus community members will be required to demonstrate their campus community connection to UC Davis. Each individual is required to show a photo ID as well as sign a statement attesting that he or she is not a registered sex offender, understands the purpose of the release of information, and understands that it is unlawful to use the information obtained to commit a crime against any sex offender registrant or engage in illegal discrimination or harassment of any registrant.
The statement is confidential and is not subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. A copy of the statement may be made available to law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes.