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DACA and Immigration Policy

Open Letter to the UC Davis Community:

I recently had the honor and privilege of assuming my role as the Chief of Police for the UC Davis Police Department. The UC Davis Police Department is, and has always been, a proud member of the UC Davis community on the Sacramento and Davis campuses. As the individuals charged with the safety and security of the UC Davis community, we are firmly committed to promoting an inclusive environment built upon diverse cultures and perspectives integral to the university's success. My primary goal as your police chief is to enhance the trust between law enforcement and the students, faculty, and visitors of UC Davis by serving all members of our community equally and fairly.

I echo Chancellor Gary May's and UC President Napolitano's disappointment in the White House's decision to end the DACA program that allows undocumented immigrants to work and fulfill their dream of a college education without fear of deportation. I reaffirm that the UC Davis Police Department will not contact, detain, or arrest an individual solely based on their actual or suspected immigration status. Furthermore, the UC Davis Police Department will not conduct sweeps or other concentrated efforts to detain suspected undocumented members of our community. As UC Davis' law enforcement authority, I wholeheartedly support our university's model of empowerment and opportunity, and strongly advocate for bipartisan legislation that will provide a permanent solution for undocumented immigrants who have been our friends, colleagues and loved ones for countless years. Policing on the UC Davis campuses is unique, and our community members rightfully expect us to respond to a wide variety of situations with professionalism, compassion, and empathy. I assure you we will meet your expectations as we strive towards a more modern and more effective organization. I commit to be a chief who is actively engaged in your quest to make a positive difference in our global community. Moreover, the UC Davis Police Department will continue to be a professional group of individuals who respect and protect you and your points of view, and will do so with excellence.

This letter provides some insight into my vision and goals as the UC Davis Police Department renews our awareness and understanding of the nobility of policing. It is my desire that each and every member of the UC Davis community experiences the UC Davis Police Department as a model law enforcement agency that has successfully built a relationship based on trust and respect with those that we serve, regardless of their citizenship, or national origin.


Joseph A. Farrow

Chief of Police

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