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Feedback & Police Accountability

Click here to rate your interaction with campus police.

We invite you to provide timely feedback for each interaction you have with the UC Davis Police Department –whether that’s from a call with a dispatcher, an in-person discussion with an officer, a visit to our office for a background check or some other type of interaction. In most instances, a UC Davis police officer will provide you with a survey card when you interact with them in person.

While all questions in the survey are optional, more detailed responses inform us of what we’re doing well and how we can improve. Your responses are anonymous, and any identifying details provided will not be publicly disclosed by the police department. To maintain transparency, quarterly reports on the overall satisfaction ratings will be posted to the Transparency Dashboard. This is a pilot feedback process started in January 2022, and we anticipate it may need to be fine-tuned in the future. If you have insights about how to improve the feedback process itself, please email

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Thank an officer for their service

If you would like to commend a UC Davis police officer for a job well done or thank someone for their service, you may use our online officer commendation form.

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Evaluate our services via UC Davis Satisfaction Surveys

Services provided by the UC Davis Police Department are included in the UC Davis Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey, for employees to evaluate our service if they have interacted with the police department in the course of their job in the last year. In 2020, our services were also added for students to evaluate in the UC Davis Student Satisfaction Survey.

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File a complaint

A complaint should be filed when you feel that a member of the UC Davis Police Department has acted improperly in the course of their work. Whether the complaint is related to discourteous treatment, failure to take action, inaccurate report writing, an unjustified arrest, unnecessary force or any other police action that you feel is wrong, the Police Accountability Board wants to know about it.

The complaint process is designed to detect and correct improper or undesirable police practices. All investigations are kept confidential; retaliation for filing a complaint is prohibited.

To file a complaint, follow the directions on the Police Accountability Board website to file a complaint online, in person, by telephone, by mail or fax.

If you prefer, you may also contact our non-emergency number and speak with an on-call supervisor, 530-752-1727 for the Davis campus or 916-734-2555 for the Sacramento campus.