Police Department Ratings

The UC Davis Police Department strives for continuous improvement in everything we do.

The UC Davis Police Department seeks timely feedback for each interaction our team members have with community members. We invite you to rate your interaction with campus police in a brief survey — whether that’s based on a call with a dispatcher, an in-person discussion with an officer, a visit to our office for a background check or some other type of interaction.

This page is updated quarterly with statistics from the interaction ratings, as part of our Transparency Dashboard.

Responses are anonymous, and any identifying details provided will not be publicly disclosed by the police department. All questions in the survey are optional. Percentages below only reflect responses to the individual question.

This is a pilot feedback process started in January 2022, and we anticipate it may need to be fine-tuned in the future. If you have insights about how to improve the feedback process itself, please email police.web@ucdavis.edu

How to interact with the data visualization below:

  • Click between the headers at the top to see police interaction ratings and context about who provided those ratings.

  • Visualizations are optimized for desktop or tablet screens and may not be fully visible on mobile devices.

  • Data are updated on a quarterly basis.