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Property and Evidence

Property and Evidence

The UC Davis Police Department Property and Evidence Unit is considered the custodian of all items collected by department personnel or submitted to the department as items for safekeeping, found property, items collected as evidence or items to be destroyed. They are also responsible for the proper storage of all these items, the preservation of the items for possible future analysis, and the lawful release or dispositions of property. The unit accurately documents every process during the storage.

Item Submitted as Found Property

When items are collected and submitted as FOUND property, every attempt will be made by the department to locate the owner and return the property. FOUND property is generally maintained and stored for 90 days. If an owner is not located the property will be appropriately disposed of per department policy and law.

Item Submitted for Safekeeping 

All items collected and submitted as SAFEKEEPING are usually items in which the owner is known. A Field Property Receipt is generally given to the person from whom the property is taken with specific instructions on how to retrieve the property. All items submitted as SAFEKEEPING are held for 60 days, at which time the owner will be notified in writing as to the disposition of their property. If an address is available, the Property Unit will mail a notification to the owner informing them they have 90-days to pick up their property. Unclaimed items, including items belonging to incarcerated persons who have not contacted the Property Unit, will be purged pursuant to law.

Items Submitted as Evidence

Evidence being held for a case will not be released until the court or District Attorney confirms that the case is over for all defendants. In some cases, the District Attorney may not release items immediately, pending further investigation or appeals. Once the Property Unit is notified that the case is adjudicated a property notice will be sent to the owners of the property informing them that they have 90-days to pick up their property. If your mailing address changes, it is up to you to notify the Property Unit so that we can contact you when your property is available. All contraband seized will be destroyed and all firearms will be released only after approving clearance is received from the Department of Justice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can someone else pick up my property?
  • If you would like someone else to pick up your property, you must provide a signed letter of authorization naming the person you designate to pick up your property along with a copy of your driver's license. For deceased owners, you must provide proof that you are the Executor of the Estate, or a will with a copy of the death certificate, we will contact the Coroner to attempt to identify the next of kin (who will then be able to pick up the property).
  • Do I have to have an appointment to pick up my property?
  • Yes. No items will be released from the UC Davis Police Department’s Property and Evidence Unit without an appointment. All appointments are scheduled through the Property and Evidence Unit.

  • What should I bring to pick up my property?
  • Please bring your government-issued ID/CA driver license/Military ID or Passport. (If you're picking up property for someone else make sure you have an authorization letter).

Appointment and Contact Information 

For additional information regarding property and evidence questions, or to schedule an appointment contact Cindy Martinez:

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM