Self Defense

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Self Defense

In 2013, the UC Davis Police Department partnered with UC Davis Safety Services to provide a realistic approach to self defense training for our community members.  The lead trainer in this self defense program is Rocci Randall Twitchell who is a member of UC Davis Safety Services.  Our goal is to to empower individuals to take responsibility for their safety and well being.  Campus community members can schedule a training session by emailing our coordinator Myra Abshire. Training sessions are typically hosted in a 90 minute, four hour or eight hour session.  these sessions are intended to provide the attendee basic concepts in personal safety with an emphasis on physical self defense.  There are many opportunities on campus outside of our program which can be found at UC Davis Campus Recreation.  (CLICK HERE)                     

About the Instructor

Rocci began his re-search in martial arts in 1982. Empty hand training, combative weapons, physical fitness, Executive Protection, Security, women’s self-defense tactics , health and nutrition are the many notable aspects of his re-search since then. Currently, Rocci teaches the physical skills, situational awareness skills and communication skills for becoming an Ethical Warrior. Situational awareness is one of the key factors in self-defense. Rocci is a VIPS volunteer and works with the UC Davis Police Department in the Active Shooter Training Program.  For Rocci's complete resume (CLICK HERE)


I just wanted to let you know how much my department enjoyed our self defense training provided by Rocci Twitchell at our annual Staff Retreat.  He was the hit of the day, everyone loved his presentation.  Our theme for our retreat was Health and Safety and he provided excellent information, training and suggestions.  

It really saved me because the very next night I was at the grocery store.  I was alone in an aisle and a man approached me talking to me like he knew me.  I ignored him at first but then he started moving closer to me and was saying he had been looking for me.  I remembered my training and put my hand out in from of me to stop him and said I don't know you.  He kept getting closer and this time I Yelled it loud and clear.  By then others were coming into the aisle to see what was going on and he ran out of the store.  If it hadn't been for Rocci's training I would have handled that situation much different.  I would have been my nice self and would probably have had my purse
"He is an excellent instructor with a wealth of knowledge and information. And he's funny"