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Training & Workshops

A variety of safety trainings are available to the UC Davis campus community through the police department and campus partners.

Active Assailant Survival

The UC Davis Police Department partners with campus resources to offer in-person and online active assailant survival workshops. Visit Active Assailant Survival Training for more detailed information on upcoming workshops and resources.

Bicycle Safety

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Transportation and Services offers safety tips and educational resources for riding your bicycle on the UC Davis campus. For information and upcoming events, visit Transportation Services.

Bomb Threat Response

UC Davis employee groups can request a training session on responding to bomb threats, scheduled at their convenience. The training session is led by the UC Davis Police Department, with 60 minutes for a presentation and 30 minutes for additional Q&A. Email to get started.

Personal Safety

The UC Davis Police Department offers a 4-hour introductory course and two-day (24-hour) intensive self-defense course based on the Model Mugging format. This training is hands-on, full contact (on the instructor) and geared specifically towards all aspects of self-defense against domestic and sexual assault by both known and unknown assailants.

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UC Davis Campus Recreations and Unions also offers quarterly self-defense classes at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). Self defense is a complex skill with many aspects. In a practical defense situation, situational awareness and conflict resolution will almost always take precedence over physical conflict. This course, however, isn't about resolving conflict. It's about self-defense, for more information and for registration see the Campus Recreation and Unions website.