Safety and Security Tips for Students

Safety and Security Tips for Students

Personal safety

  • Always be alert to your surroundings. Be aware of your location and situations that could make you vulnerable
  • Avoid people and situations that make you nervous – trust your instincts!
  • If you have a backpack or bag, carry it securely against you. Although if a thief’s intent is to steal the item, giving it up may be the best way to ensure your personal safety.
  • UC Davis Police Safe Rides provides free transportation after hours on campus. Call 530-754-COPS or use our free smart phone application (TAPRIDE), to arrange a ride.
  • Download the Aggie Guardian personal safety app.

    Personal property

    • Never leave valuable items unattended, even for a short time
    • If leaving bags or valuables in a car, try to put them out of sight
    • If a thief tries to take an item from you, give it up rather than risk injury.

    Housing and buildings

    • Always lock your doors and windows when you go out or before going to sleep. Burglars often enter through doors or windows that are left open or unlocked.
    • Don’t let someone you don’t know “tailgate,” or follow you through locked doors in residence halls or other buildings
    • If possible, place valuable items, such as laptops, out of sight and away from windows.
    • Make some effort to get to know your neighbors, as they can be a resource for reporting suspicious activity.
    • Check out UC Davis Housing's Guide to Residence Hall Life - Personal Safety & Security

    Scams and frauds

    • Requests for money or gift cards from people you do not know by phone, email, text or other messaging is very likely a fraud. Legitimate entities are not likely to contact you for payment via the phone.  
    • Do not send money or gift cards in response to these calls or messages
    • If you think you have been/are a victim of fraud, contact the police.

    Socializing Safely


    • Bicycling under the influence is illegal and unsafe.
    • Get a good quality U-lock, and use it!
    • Always lock your bicycle to an installed bike rack or pod, if possible in a visible, well-lit area
    • Use a chain or cable to secure quick-release wheels and seats
    • Consider a lower-value bicycle for daily use
    • Get a California Bicycle License – it makes it easier to return a stolen bike to its owner.