Physical Systems Security

Security Camera

Physical Systems Security Division 

Director Jeff Rott

The Physical Security Systems Division is commanded by Director Jeff Rott.

Phone: (530) 752-6589

The physical security unit is responsible for the campus wide security policy, security assessments, security cameras, access control and alarm systems.

Campus Security Project

Photo of person holding a card-key.

More about the project

The security unit has oversight for alarms on the Davis and Sacramento campuses. Alarms are monitored by the UC Davis Police Department Dispatch Center. This centralized alarm monitoring on campus provides for an immediate response versus having the alarm systems report to an outside vendor. Our dispatch center receives the alarm signal directly then dispatches police officers to the facility. The new police department security director provides security assessments for facilities and personnel. This unit is currently focusing on various security related technologies with the intent of standardizing various security systems being used on the Davis campus. 

 For more information contact Jeff Rott.