Preferred Names

Preferred Names

What name do you prefer?

Many students use a name other than their legal name, and UC Davis now allows students to specify a preferred name in their student record. (Find details on the Registrar's website.)

The UC Davis Police Department is a national leader in its adoption of a unique police policy which states that preferred first names may be used on campus, as long as they are not being used for the purposes of misrepresentation. UC Davis police officers are instructed to interact with people using their preferred names.

This policy affirms our commitment to fostering inclusiveness, given our diverse campus community. It establishes procedures intended to create mutual understanding, prevent discrimination and conflict, and ensures the appropriate recognition of community members who choose a preferred name to reflect their gender self-identity and expression.

Frequently asked questions about preferred names

  • May I use a preferred first and last name?
  • No, your preferred name only applies to your first name and must be coupled with your legal last name.
  • If a UC Davis police officer contacts me and asks for my legal name, what should I do?
  • When asked for your legal name you must provide your legal first and last names to the officer.  If you wish, you may ask the officer to speak in private so others cannot hear your legal first name.  Our staff and officers make every effort to respect your preferred name,  but at times may need your legal name.
  • When contacted/stopped by a police officer other than a UC Davis police officer, may I use my preferred name?
  • When contacted by a police officer other than a UC Davis police officer you must provide your legal first and last names as required for legal reasons.